S a t o r i

3 0 0 3   L o c u s t  S t r e e t,  S t . L o u i s  M O  6 3 1 0 3

3 5 C a m i l l e   L a n e ,   S a n t a   C r u z ,   C A     9 5 0 6 5


Beneath the Surface 

created and conceived by Tom Brady

The focus for 2019/2020 and beyond is to create a mature work from the humble scratchings found in this germinating sketch.  Integral to the creative process are the meaningful discussions between Brady and Artist, Choreographer, Aerial, Dancer Monica Newsam and video artist Zlatko Cosic -the creative team.

Performance Previews:  May 14, 21,28   8pm. Three nights dedicated to sharing this important benchmark moment.  The creative team will be on hand engaged in discussion, sharing performative architecture of the movement, technical and production consideration, scale models and initial construction of the sculptural stage. 

This year's project 2019/2020 is dedicated to the development of a major work involving the collaborative team of artists working closely to address the multiple levels intertwined to make statement regarding the current geopolitical crisis.  This work will explore the evolution, the current trajectory going forward and the consequences of change driven by the lack of a moral compass.  


Innovative reference to current issues, equality, global warming, the necessity of war?, power of government, lawlessness, misinformation et al. are woven to create a visceral experience making statement on our state of being.


This concept stage explores not only content but the design and redesign - engineering - of the sculptural stage - creating scale models of the stage to understand the multiple movement vocabulary possibilities - creation of story boards that explore concepts, images for video and lighting, soundscape exploration to create the original sound track for the 60 minute multimedia multidiscipline immersive event.  


3d video mapping concepts are being developed and explored.  Movement vocabulary in being invented to accommodate the strict limitations and possibilities created by the sculptural stage space.  


All this to culminate in a highest production quality event that makes statement on the state of being and a pointing finger of foreboding as it gestures to what is "next" - forward looking, challenging our resolve, asking questions along the 60 minute journey to an inclusive future that propels us towards our best selves.

MAN in the BOX TOURED San Francisco at odc Theater 3153 17th St. San Francisco, CA

Created by Tom Brady and Monica Newsam

in collaboration with Zlatko Cosic

Performed this last October 24,25,26  2019  8pm



A r t i s t   F e l l o w s h i p   A w a r d


Tom Brady


has a new name and look



a play by Shannon  Geier 

directed by Elaine M. Laws





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