Tyra Banks and Corbin Hall
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ANNONYArts has for decades supported and encouraged artist work, raising their voices from a whisper to a roar.  Corbin and Tyra are self producing artists that have something to say that matters to them and to us.  ANNONYArts is pleased to pay witness to their evolution.

Corbin Hall will be graduating with his BA in dance from Webster University at the end

of the May 2016 term. Hailing from Collinsville Illinois, he is classically trained in the

Chechetti Ballet Method, but has also studied dance forms such as; modern, jazz,

aerial, capoeira (Brazillian fighting style), the East Indian classical dance style “The

Bharatanatyam,” and is an accomplished breakdancer. He has had the opportunity to

work alongside accomplished artists like Amanda McKerrow John Gardner, Michael

Uthoff, Monica Newsam, and James Robey. Corbin wishes to continue on with his

dance career as a working artist and professional dancer. He strives to utilize his

classical dance training and new found love of performance art in his choreography and

artwork. Corbin’s choreography examines the grittiness in vulnerability, and the

vulnerability in grittiness. He hopes that with his collaborative work Transmutation, to

discover something beyond the traditional concert dance stage that illuminates all

artistic minds, and speaks to those who have no voice.


Tyra Rose Kopf originally from Des Plaines Illinois, is currently studying for her BFA in

dance at Webster University. She will be graduating with a BFA in dance with an

emphasis in modern dance in May 2016. Although modern dance is her emphasis, she

also has studied different dance forms such as; ballet, jazz, aerial, Thai classical dance

and the classical East Indian dance style “The Bharatanatyam.” Along with her existing

dance studies, Tyra spent a year at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC),

where she learned the value of art and art history, eventually transferring to Webster to

pursue a more fulfilling career in dance. Working with esteemed professors such as;

Michael Uthoff, Alicia Graf Mak, James Robey, Monica Newsam, Beckah Reed, and

Maggi Dueker. She has worked with guest artist residencies such as; Jamie Graham,

RAWdance, Tymberly Canale, and Linas Phillips.Tyra has a passion for not only dance

but all forms of art, and is hopeful in becoming a successful working artist post-

graduation. Tyra strives to produce her work through a collaborative process in hopes

that the end result pushes the boundaries of dance and art, evoking discussion and

promoting fine art in St. Louis. Her choreography expands beyond traditional

conventions and expectations, synthesizing multiple mediums into a concert dance

experience that excites and ellicites both the viewer and performer.