Satori is dedicated to supporting a consortium of independent movement and performing artists, challenging, innovating and exploring the possible, defining the human experinece through performance, present original works and providing arts education to students caught in generational poverty to inspire, motivate and discover their inner amazing. 



ANNONYArts emerged in the spring of 2003 an offspring of GASH/VOIGT Dance Theatre of St. Louis(GVDT).  Founded in 1985, ANNONYArts has continued to grow, bringing arts education and innovative performances to the St. Louis area.  In April of 2019 ANNONYArts has reregistered as ANNONYArts DBA Satori.  This action was in recognition of our decades long journey defining the creative imperative coupled with the merging of our physical and organizational operations with Satori, an artists space.  ANNONYArts will continues to function as the administrative, organizational  and creative force DBA (doing business as) Satori.  Satori will become the public name of the creative efforts going forward.

It is important to us to retain the ANNONYArts name create by Beckah Reed, defined as a vessel into which all possibilities may be florist.  Satori is a sanskrit word that is defined as:  A sudden state of understanding, comprehension, enlightenment achieved after a decades long journey seeking intuitive knowledge.


Each year, Satori will continue to unveils a new season of original movement, contemporary dance works and performance art with performances produced by consortium and guest artists. The yearly performances may include contemporary dance, dance theatre, performance art, and aerial dance.