Board of Directors

The Board focus is on artistic quality, innovation and outreach, building a sustainable organization that will provide supports for self producing artists who challenge the known, follow their hunches, drawing creative conclusions to reveal intuitive knowledge.

Mike Raeber

Mike Raeber is the owner of Equity Financial Services Inc, Past President of the Crestwood Sunset Hill Changer of Commerce, Past President of the Crestwood Sunset Hills Kiwanis Club.  Graduate of St. Louis Univeristy, brings business skills and financial knowledge to the team.  Mr Raeber has been an active Philanthropist for the past 20 years contributing this time and resources primarily to the St. Louis Public Schools – specifically Shepard School, Patick Henry, Monroe and Meracec Elementary. 
Mr Raeber has volunteers as the Director of lighting and sound enginee for ANNONYArts productions.

Beckah Viogt Reed

Beckah Voigt Reed is Founder of ANNONYArts. She was the co-artistic director of GASH/VOIGT Dance Theatre for 15 years. Beckah’s choreography is best described as theatre dance, as she draws on the use of props, voice and the motivation of human interactions to create her pieces. Beckah has toured throughout the world conducting international cultural exchanges in countries such as Russia, Costa Rica, Hungary, Turkey, Greece, Germany and China. Beckah has studied the healing arts, meditation, taiji and qigong, incorporating them into her work as a performance artist. She also works as an energy healer, using hands-on techniques to promote change. Beckah is an Artistic Director and Professor of Dance at Webster University (1986-Present), and the Head of the Dance Program (2006-Present). Reviewing Ms. Reed’s career, she has accumulated more than 3 decades of artistic experience as a performer, teacher, choreographer, and arts administrator.

John Grapperhaus

John Grapperhaus is a 1998 graduate of Washington University with a degree in art education and is currently the St. Louis Public School's Curriculum and Instruction Coordinator for the Visual Arts.  In this roll he is responsible for developing and coordinating visual arts curriculum between the schools and Springboard to Learning a not for profit organization providing a link between teaching artists and the schools.   In December of 2013 he was received the Visual Arts Teacher of the year Award.

Dr Anne Christopher

Dr. Christopher is a board-certified specialist in the management of pain. As a pain management provider her goal is to minimize disruption in your life caused by pain.  Graduated from Saint Louis University School Of Medicine in 1994.  Her Internship was completed at The Warren Alpert Medical School of Brown University/Rhode Island Hospital complete in 1995.  Her Residency was at the Medical College Of Virginia Hospitals - completed in 1998 and at Northwestern University Of Chicago - complete in 1997.  


Dr Christopher's interest in the arts stems for her years of dedicated training as a dancer in ballet and modern prior to pursuing a medical career.