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ANNONYArts is grateful for the support we have recieved from area funding sources.  We can't expect, however, that they would be able to provide all the needed funding alone.


So we reach out to individuals, corporations and volunteers who want to see St. Louis artists create innovative, challenging work focused on developing a dialogue, being part of the art vocabulary that participate in the regional, national and international art discourse.

Community Outreach

                                                         Do Something:

For the last seven years Tom Brady has conducted an Art and Technology Performance and Video Workshop for children ages 10-18 expelled from the St. Louis Public Schools for the most grievous Type one offences: violence against a fellow student or teacher; in possession of, being on or selling drugs, theft, disrespect to name just a few.  These are young people nobody wants in their classrooms, but within them – there is amazing.


Through a not for profit organization ANNONYArts founded by Beckah Voigt Reed, Brady has created and conducts 90 minutes workshops.  The workshops facilitate the development of a story created for video by the students.  Students from Stevens Alternative Middle School learn to think creatively while increasing their motivation for learning through arts-based, active learning activities. 


This year the workshops are built around the book Do Something – A Handbook for Young Activists.  These children are often lost in generational poverty.  It is important to open access to alternative means of expressing that, which cannot be expressed.  These students have seen more tragedy and chaos by the age of 10 then most of us see in a lifetime.  These children learn survival skills to cope with a world of scarcity but set them on a trajectory that undermines their best self.   Someone has got to reach out and offer alternatives, open them to the options and be ready to stand offering witness to their accomplishments.


Current events should be a call to all good citizens to rally to the support of our American neighbors – shocking is a primal response that only serves a purpose if it spurs us to Do Something positive.