dropshift dance

dropshift dance is a provocative, inquisitive and authoritative investigator of movement. Conceived through a collaborative incubation laboratory of movement, sound, and visual installation, the work engages audience with dialogue, choice and experimental practice. The company works through a rigorous process of studio investigation to create work that energizes the space and creates an alternate world for the performer and viewer. dropshift was founded in 2009 by Chicago based artist Andrea Cerniglia as a movement project dedicated to a collaborative and investigative studio practice and pushing boundaries of the art form in performance. The company mines abstract concepts that dissect societal structure, dynamics, and events that surround and impact us.  Collaboration extends beyond dance into the realm of film, visual art and installation piece, and musical composition.  This multi-disciplinary approach engages audience in a visual, aural, and human experience in order to move audience towards a transformative experience.

As We Shift

Comprised of overlapping solo vignettes, 

As We Shift, explores the ways in which we function as individuals in the face of all limitations; resisting them, circumventing them, revising them, revising ourselves to suit them, giving in to them, and conquering them. Dancers respond to situations that require spontaneous adaptation to structural limitations of form, space and time. The performer's solos intertwine and overlap while embodying our response to formality, rigor, and social circumstance through exaggerated animation of the body, face, and use of breath. The personas of the dancers embody a contrast of strong vs. light and vacillate between attentive detail-oriented gesture and a deterioration/decline of focus and sense of duty.