Man in the Box top view
MIB Suspension
Photos by Gerry Love, Quinsanta Boyd, Tom Brady

MAN in the BOX

Oct 24, 25, 26  2019


odc Dance Theatre

3153 17th St.

San Francisco, CA 94110

Man in the Box performance collaboration of Tom Brady, Monica Newsam and Zlatko Cosic.  Brady,  Newsam and Cosic collaborate to stunning effect as Brady and Newsam perform together moving through a forest of eighteen -15’ poles set to Brady's original music.  Audience is immersed in the vision as catalyst.  The juxtaposition of the sculptural stage space, light and shadow, original sound track and innovative movement vocabulary, create a transformative, visceral response.

Man in the Box as performed in 2019 represents a culmination of personal journey, artistic growth and new evolution. Brady's original sound score, stage as sculpture, weaves movement, video as a classical painter to stunning effect.  He is patient with the process often taking decades to reach the goal of a mature work.


The journey for this project began with an original performance by Brady at Franklin Furnace in New York in 1979, then Three Sinks Gallery in 2003, at Satori in 2011 and a recent preview 2018 performance in collaborations with Monica Newsam.  


Each performance creates an opportunity to push the work, to evolve the thinking that drives the movements and images. Brady's approach to stage as sculpture creates physically challenging environments that demand movement invention.  In the current deeply complex evolution of Man in the Box, Brady, choreographer/dancer/aerial artist Monica Newsam, and projection design by video artist Zlatko Cosic collaborate to stunning effect. 


Years of Brady working with Newsam have resulted in a highly developed physical choreography.  Recently Brady and Cosic have merged ideas and passion creating an abstract reality magic.  

Man in the Box is a requiem honoring and at times cherishing the individual challenges, reversals, failings, insights, generosity and forward thrusts in the journey to wisdom. The audience pays witness to the collision of one's final moments with the recollections of the younger self - and the life well lived. In the dialogue between one's youthful past and aging now, the two performers create movement vocabulary through the complex sculptural space.


They share youthful insights reminding us that wisdom is not found solely in years earned, while recognizing that age does provide the young and ambitious needed perspective.