That Shines Bright for Once


Tyra Rose Kopf and Corbin Hall

Satori 3003 Locust St. St. Louis MO 63103


Concept Development Promo 

That Shines Bright for Once provides a unique experience for the audience. The artist’s wish is to impart an intriguing experience to provoke conversation and reaction from the viewer.


This collaged and appropriated fairytale integrates the basic framework of beloved Grimm Fairytales with contemporary societal parallels and issues. The artists’ personal connections and reactions to these stories and characters inspire a cognitive reaction from the audience, as young artists who appear a little rougher around the edges and who have been trained as dancers often deal with misconceptions and stereotypes. It is not easy justifying a dance career when one has multiple tattoos and gauges. It can be asserted many of the people they meet to perceive them as “bad” people, as most stereotypes promote negative connotations. However, like the “devil” characters in the Grimm Fairytales, everyone has their positive and negative traits and no one person can be characterized as “good” or “bad.” The world is not black and white, so neither shall this piece be. For we all contain both of these things, leaving behind a gray area for complicated individuals to thrive.


•    Created, Directed and Choreographed by Tyra Rose Kopf and Corbin Hall.

•    Performer collaborators:       

                    Marissa  Beccard,  Abby Contrers, Adrienne Fish, Colton Hall, Jacob Henss, Izzy Lande

•    Presented by:  ANNONYArts at Satori

•    Produced by:  Transmutation Project